Yams or Sweet Potatos?

Yams or Sweet Potatos?

Aaahhh the age old "do you use yams or sweet potatos?" question...  

Well chances are your not using these in your Thanksgiving pie..   imagine the size of the marshmallows you'd need for granny's "Sweet Potato Suprise"!

We are talkin' Sta-Puft Man from "Ghostbusters"!!!

 That is one big spud!!                                                                                                                

So I made Ron do a bit of huntin' & peckin' on the internet and long story short.. you're probably using Sweet Potatos..  heres why:

  • the term "Yam" was kind of "cooked up" as a marketing ploy in the 1930's after a new orange-fleshed very sweet variety of sweet potatos was developed  
  • "Yam" was derived from the African word "Nyami"  which means "to eat"
  • true "Yams" are native to Africa & Asia.. and can be as small as regular potatoes or grow upwards of 5 feet long!

For you visual types.. heres a little summary via " Alton Brown"..


Well round' these parts at the bakery we use either "Beuregaurds" or "Jewels" and they would technically be "Sweet Potatos"

   Lucky's Spuds  on the boil.

So  I guess as far as  "Yams or Sweet  Potatos" goes:

You say potato and I say patato.. you say tomato and I say tamato...

Wait... has anyone really ever said say "patato or tamato"?



March 27, 2018 by Lucky Borden