Lucky guarantees your canine pal will be the envy of every dog in the neighborhood when you order these Fresh-Baked biscuits.

Made with only the finest Organic ingredients certified by CCOF. No wheat, corn, soy, or fillers here!

Handmade in individual batches and preservative-free! But don’t worry, they will last for months in Lucky’s re-sealable bags or convenient “Luckytubs”! (As if your dog will let them)

ORGANIC Lucky's Super Sampler

Lucky combines 3 flavors of his delectable treats into one “Sampler”.
A perfect way to try them and pick a favorite. Made with ALL ORGANIC ingredients

ORGANIC Lucky's Peanut Butter Cookies

Great peanut butter taste that doesn’t’ stick to the roof of your dogs mouth! Made with ALL ORGANIC ingredients.

These bite-size morsels are Lucky’s favorite T.V.- watchin’, post-nap, after school or anytime snack. Loaded with 5 different seeds including Chia Seed – The Aztec Superfood.

ORGANIC Sweet Potato Nuggets

Worth their weight in Gold! Made with ALL ORGANIC ingredients.

Lucky is considering re-naming these yam-filled goodies “Dachshund-Snaps”. It seems every Doxie that tries one claims it is their favorite.

ORGANIC Lip Smackin' Liver Biscuits

Liver – You hate – they love it…. Go Figure! Made with ALL ORGANIC ingredients.

To satisfy his carnivorous friends, Lucky purees organic chicken livers (Yuk!!); adds some organic ginger and the rest of the ingredients and Voila!.. 90 stinky minutes later – the perfect liver biscuit.